Our services include wholesale trading, brand development, export management and distribution, which entails sourcing the best deals on various products and arranging cost-effective transportation to your warehouse.

Our company specializes in the wholesale of cosmetics, skincare, haircare, dental hygiene and fragrance products, but we also offer a diverse range of FMCG products including electronics, sports goods, clothing, house care items from well-known brands. You can find some of the brands we can offer in the Brands section.

Yes, absolutely! Send us an inquiry and we’ll do our best to find the products you’re looking for!

Yes, all of our products are guaranteed to be original as we source them only from the manufacturer, first-line suppliers or authorized distributors.

A valid VAT number is required for all orders, and depending on the specific offer, a minimum order quantity may also apply.

Once your ordered goods are prepared for shipment, we will issue an invoice in advance and proceed with the delivery only after receiving the full payment.

Yes, we use it for client-oriented assembly of goods, and we additionally provide temporary storage services.

We provide transportation options to ensure the safe and direct delivery of your order, and we are able to offer competitive shipping rates.

The delivery times for our various offers may vary. Typically, orders are delivered within 3 to 5 business days after received payment, but delivery may take up to two weeks depending on the product.

In-person meeting, a video meeting, a phone call or email.

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